Welcome to Trivial Notions (2010/2011)

List of talks

All talks are on Thursday from 2:00 until 3:00 in Science Center 507 unless otherwise indicated.

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Date Speaker Title
23 September 2010 Nicolas Ojeda Bar Modular forms and Galois representations
30 September 2010 Jack Thorne Rational double points
7 October 2010 Thomas Koberda The large-scale geometry of groups
14 October 2010 Yi Li Calderon-Zygmund decomposition and Harnack inequality
21 October 2010 Stergios Antonakoudis On Rigidity of Maps of Closed Riemann Surfaces
28 October 2010 Oleg Ivrii The Winning Code
4 November 2010 Andrew Dittmer Strangely Symmetric Curves
11 November 2010 Veterans Day No seminar
18 November 2010 Carl Erickson Hilbert's Fourteenth problem
25 November 2010 Thanksgiving No seminar
02 December 2010 Nathan Kaplan Lattice Packings of Spheres
03 December 2010 Fall term reading period begins No seminar until Spring 2011
17 February 2011 Giulio Tiozzo I Knead U
24 February 2011 Samuel Raskin When do differential equations have meromorphic solutions?
03 March 2011 Ryosuke Takahashi The Bernstein Problem
10 March 2011 Nathan Pflueger Tropical Riemann-Roch
17 March 2011 Spring Break No seminar
24 March 2011 Eric Wofsey Topological Abelian Groups
31 March 2011 Anand Deopurkar What can be computed in mathematics?
07 April 2011 Andrei Negut Laumon
14 April 2011 Aaron Silberstein Nilpotent Groups and Their Lie Algebras
21 April 2011 Jerry Wang BCGRS - Baby Coxeter Groups and Root Systems
28 April 2011 Spring term reading period begins No seminar until Fall 2011

What is Trivial Notions?

The Trivial Notions seminar is held once a week in the Mathematics Department at Harvard University. The target audience is the graduate student body of the Department, and those giving talks are (almost always) graduate students in the Department. Talks can be on any topic, but they should be accessible to graduate students!

The seminar is a great way to find out what other students are thinking about. It's also a great way to practice talking mathematics in front of others, without the distraction of scary professors in the audience.

Any questions?

The seminar is organized this year by Hansheng Diao and Aliakbar Daemi. Please send one of us an email if you have any questions or if you want to add yourself to the schedule.

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