Welcome to Trivial Notions (2012/2013)

List of talks

All talks are on Thursday from 1:30 until 2:30 in Science Center 507 unless otherwise indicated.

All talks are on Thursday from 1:00 until 2:00 in Science Center 310 unless otherwise indicated.

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Date Speaker Title
13 September 2012 Aliakbar Daemi Infinite Dimensional Morse Theory for Low Dimensional Manifolds
20 September 2012 Omar Antolin Camarena No Wandering Domains
27 September 2012 Cheng-Chiang Tsai Localization to 27 Lines on the Cubic Surface
4 October 2012 Jie Zhou Monodromy, Moduli Spaces and Mirror Manifolds
11 October 2012 Chao Li Mumford Curves
18 October 2012 Benjamin Stetler Information Theory and the Channel Coding Theorem
25 October 2012 Konstantin Matveev Limits of Random Structures
1 November 2012 Oleg Ivrii Moduli of Curves
8 November 2012 Jeffrey Kuan The Representation Theory and Combinatorics behind Random Partitions
15 November 2012 Nathan Pflueger Rational Normal Scrolls
22 November 2012 Thanksgiving Break
29 November 2012 Ryosuke Takahashi Maximum Principle for Second Order Fully Nonlinear Elliptic Equations
6 December 2012 Pei-Yu Tsai Local New Forms for A_n
Winter Break
31 January 2013 Eric Riedl Brauer Groups
7 Febuary 2013 Erick Knight Rationality of del Pezzo Surfaces
14 Febuary 2013 Gijs Heuts Quillen Homology
21 Febuary 2013 Philip Tynan Using Link Theory to Understand the Isotopies of Real Algebraic Curves
28 Febuary 2013 Peter Smillie Geometry of diffeomorphism groups
7 March 2013 Francesco Cavazzani From 3264 conics to wonderful compactifications
14 March 2013 Thanos Papaioannou The non-abelian p-curvature conjecture
21 March 2013 Spring Break
28 March 2013 Jerry Wang To count or not to count
4 April 2013 Gripe Session
11 April 2013 Alex Perry Fundamental groups of projective varieties
18 April 2013 Carl Wang Erickson Quivers
25 April 2013 Benjamin Stetler Doing Analysis by Tossing a Coin
2 May 2013 Nathan Kaplan Zeta Functions of Groups and Rings

What is Trivial Notions?

The Trivial Notions seminar is held once a week in the Mathematics Department at Harvard University. The target audience is the graduate student body of the Department, and those giving talks are (almost always) graduate students in the Department. Talks can be on any topic, but they should be accessible to graduate students!

The seminar is a great way to find out what other students are thinking about. It's also a great way to practice talking mathematics in front of others, without the distraction of scary professors in the audience.

Any questions?

The seminar is organized this year by Peter Smillie and Cheng-Chiang Tsai. Please send one of us an email if you have any questions or if you want to add yourself to the schedule.

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